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Ellie's Healthy Lifestyles

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Class Hours

Kelsie Wehren

 Saturdays 10am next cource TBD

General Information


This 12 week class will teach you and your family how to start changing your life into the healthiest version possible.  Each week is a new theme for exercise, healthy eating, injury prevention, stress relief and finding a way to make this new lifestyle stick.  For the person who has tried everything to find the body and life they want and has yet to achieve it or who is working on sticking to their healthiest lifestyle, this series is for you.

Participants may enroll in the entire series or join any of the weeks that pertain to their specific fitness journey. Individuals must sign up for these classes but are welcome to bring any family members along to learn with them.

Expectations and Goals

The information presented in this course is meant to empower individuals to take control of their life and health habits. It is a lifetime’s accumulation of advice and instruction from the education and experience of our certified personal trainers. There are many ways to lead a healthy lifestyle, and it is up to the participant to use the information in a way that works for them. It is not meant as medical advice and all participants are encouraged to follow the advice of their physician when working toward wellness.

Each week will include a pre-designed workout that is adjusted in class to each individual participant’s needs. The goal by the end of the 12 week series is for each participant to know what they need to do to reach their individual health and fitness goal, and to have the motivation to work toward that goal until it is achieved.

Course Materials

An overview of each class will be provided each week for participants. All equipment will also be provided while in class. If you would like photo reminders during class bring a camera or cell phone.

Please bring water and a towel to put between you and the equipment during class.

Suggested Reading/Documentaries for Nutrition

The China Study, T.Colin Campbell, PhD

Fat Chance, Robert H. Lustig, M.D.

Eat to Live, Dr. Joel Fuhrman

How Not to Die, Michael Greger, M.D.

Forks Over Knives, documentary

Hungry for Change, documentary

Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead I & II, documentary

Fed Up, documentary

Vegducaded, documentary

Food Matters, documentary

In Defense of Food, documentary

Course Schedule



Week 1

Fitness Goals-What is your goal?

Body Measurements

Sets/Reps/Rest/Frequency/Weight for weight training

Cardio prescriptions & Couch to 5k walk/run plan

Warm-ups and Stretching

Week 2

Build a balanced workout

Complete strength training workout including exercises for every muscle group.

Week 3

Sun salutations and the power of meditation

Learn a sun salutation series you can do anywhere and how to use meditation to reduce stress and visualize success.

Week 4


Injury Prevention Workout

Learn how to check your body for imbalances in muscles, and how to strengthen weak areas and stretch tight muscles.

Week 5

TRX Basics

Complete TRX workout including set-up and exercise modifications to create an easy or challenging TRX routine.

Week 6

Yoga Basics

Level 1 Yogafit class that uses basic yoga poses for fitness

Week 7

Traveling Workout

Learn a routine you can take with you while you travel.



Diaphramatic breathing, deep core exercise, and foam rolling

Strengthen your deep core muscles to support the low back with a 3 part exercise series.     We will also learn how to use the foam roller for myofascial release and massage to reduce excessive tension around joints and prevent injury.

Week 9

Balance Challenge and Heavy Battling Rope Introduction

Alternate between balance exercises and the heavy rope-all levels.

Week 10

Whole Foods Plant based diet

Try a new way of eating for wellness by incorporating more vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts, seeds, and legumes into your diet. Includes optional food journal analysis and 10 day nutrition challenge.

Week 11

Magazine Workouts/Finding fun in fitness

Use resources like magazines to switch up a workout. What will it take to stick to a healthy lifestyle? Plan out a fun way to keep it up!

Week 12


Healthy Lifestyle Potluck, Review

Combine everything we’ve learned with a fun potluck where you bring your fitness goals and plan of action for 2017.