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Meredith Atwood Swim Bike Mom

The Purpose of It All
In 2010, I was out of shape, addicted to alcohol, seriously overweight and lost in my own body, and mind, and world. I found the sport of triathlon (swim, bike and run) — and I had no idea what a life-changer it would be. [Keep reading about the triathlon journey here….]

I came to love triathlon because it showed me three amazing things about myself.  

These three things are inside the core of every person, whether he or she believes them right now:  
1) I am relentless;
2) I am worthy; and
3) I am blessed.  

I am reminded constantly of these three things on a regular basis. And that has NOTHING to do with triathlon.

I founded “Swim Bike Mom” which started out as a blog to just share my story–with one reader, my mom.  Little by little, it grew into a small forum. Then a larger group who wanted some t-shirts.  

Next, a community formed, which extended to a group, including a Virtual Tri Club--which includes all sorts of women and even boys. 

At Big Island Running Company, our goal is to help you get the most out of your running.  Whether you're a new runner just trying to get through a mile without feeling like you might die or a seasoned competitor looking to take some time off your P.R.s, we're here to give you guidance on shoe and equipment selection, nutritional tips, training advice, or just swap stories about past races.

Running apparel and the best place to buy shoes in Kona

Hawaii’s premier multi-sport store! Located in Kailua Kona on the big island of Hawaii, Bike Works Kona has all your multi-sport and cycling needs. We rent bikes, service bikes and have everything for SWIM-BIKE-RUN!

Your swim-bike-run Headquarters

Long time residents of Kona, Pat & Maile have always had a passion for physical activity and dance.  As they returned to Kona to raise a family, they joined the countless number of parents searching for positive, interactive activities for their 3 young daughters.  Unfortunately, they found themselves with little options.  As current economic woes caused early childhood programs to close in the community, Pat & Maile felt the urge to give back to their community which gave so much to them in their childhood.  It was there, where Moonshot Play Space was conceived.  Named by their eldest daughter, Moonshot Play Space hopes to be the beam of light to early childhood development and creativity here in Kona.  Our aim is to open each young mind to explore their creative freedoms though movement and art.  Pat & Maile are beyond thrilled to have this opportunity to serve this community they love so much!!! 

A great place to let your kids get active with classes and free play sessions.

Club Rehab was opened in October of 1994 by Gordon in downtown Kona with the help of his parents who also relocated to the island. Bringing motion back to life is their goal for not only the injured population, but the community in general. The staff has grown over the 20 years of operation and is currently at 14 physical therapists and 10 support staff. Seeing a need for their level of care in the South Kona, they expanded to the Kealakekua area in 2004. Club Rehab has been honored for all 14 of the years that West Hawaii has voted for “The Best of West Hawaii” as the best physical therapy. Not content to rest on past success, the clinicians and staff constantly pursue ways in which they can better serve their patients.

Prefered physical therapy for out Trunk Trainers clients with injuries

We serve plant-based comfort food with a gourmet twist.  Our aim is to highlight the quality of the Big Island's organic produce with creative global cuisine, while offering a healthy and customizable option for those with special dietary preferences. We also partner with  some great local farmers and purveyors to offer premium organic beverages and gourmet vegan products.

Our dedication to staying local extends to our love of community involvement. We host monthly fundraiser dinners to support organizations that work towards the improvement of community health through fitness and nutrition.  We also facilitate a free fitness program to encourage our guests to stay active.

The best resource on the island for vegetarian and raw vegan cuisine.