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Special gym rates available for Corporate Wellness Program participating businesses.


Corporate Wellness Program

The Corporate Wellness Program at Trunk Trainers allow companies to hire a trainer or instructor to keep their staff moving.  Improve productivity, employee outlook and reduce stress and illness in the workplace by offering a regular workout program.  Or hire a trainer for special events or parties to put a fit spin on a special occasion.  Select the type of plan that best fits your company, your favorite trainer, and the type of exercise your employees need for a custom approach to Corporate Wellness.


Classes can be conducted on site at the company, in the Trunk Trainers Gym, or in a location convenient for the company.  Let our trainers help you customize your program.


Desk Flex- Improve posture, strengthen the core and improve flexibility with a routine executed never leaving your desk. 

Gentle Yoga- A standing and sitting yoga routine to improve flexibility and muscle tone though basic yoga poses.  Meditation within class to clear the mind of clutter and find clarity for projects in the workplace.

Zumba Gold- Gentle yet effective Latin dance moves that will shake up a workday and have everyone finish with a smile.  All levels will enjoy this fun form of cardiovascular exercise that also strengthens the legs and core.

Super Circuit-Body weight exercise that will work all major muscle groups, cardiovascular blasts, and a complete stretching routine to cover your whole workout.

TRX-In Trunk Trainers Gym use the TRX Suspension Training System to work the entire body in a new way.  Limit 12 people.

More classes are available and trainers will customize a program to fit the needs of your employees including frequency of days, time of day, and how many will participate in each type of class.


Pricing is based on number of employees participating in corporate class.  Include family members invited to attend with employees.

1-6 people in company partcipating      $100+tax per hour

7-14 people in company participating   $150+tax per hour

15+ people in company participating    $200+tax per hour

30 minute sessions also availible.