Trunk Trainers
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Inspiring World Fitness, One Family at a Time

About Us

Who is a Trunk Trainer? 

A Trunk Trainer is a reliable, knowledgeable, friendly, excuse busting certified personal trainer that has a trunk of tricks to get you to exercise the way you should for the body you have today.  We travel (equipment in the trunk of our vehicles), we meet in the park (hook the TRX to a tree trunk), we use water therapy for injuries, we work with families and new mothers who can't bring their child to a traditional gym.  Our gym is open for personal training and offers a women's only gym membership 24 hours a day.  We let partners team up to keep costs down for getting individualized help.  We offer regular semi-private classes and free classes at our gym.  We offer a Corporate Wellness Program to sneak exercise into the middle of the day.  We find what makes you love to move and provide realistic fitness advice to all ages and bodies.

As a leading provider of personal training services we take pride in offering the best individualized programs to meet your health and wellness vision. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our customers each and every day.

With experience in working with seniors, soon-to-be mothers, children, teenagers, and athletes, whatever your age and fitness level, Trunk Trainers can help you get to where you want to be physically and mentally.


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