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Welcome to Trunk Trainers!

Inspiring world fitness, one family at a time.

We are a personal training company specializing in finding the right fitness approach for each individual. We have a fitness facility including a 24 hr women's fitness section, and offer personal training and classes to help you reach your wellness goals. Call us today to see if our services can help you!



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Upcoming Workshops

Practical Skills for Conscious Conversation

Thursday September 28th from 6-7pm

In this free mini-workshop you will learn skills and simple
steps that bring understanding and connection into your most challenging conversations.
This is the third free workshop in the series, Practical Skills for Relationship
Fitness, offering skills and tools for transforming reactivity and conflict over
The series is led by Andrea Pro, a Certified Nonviolent Communication coach.

Wellness Week at Trunk Trainers to celebrate

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Monday 10/2: Fitness Testing and Open House 5:30-7pm

Come talk story with our personal trainers and check out where you are with your fitness. This open house style workshop will allow you to check out Trunk Trainers and our services. Get measurements taken to identify current body health status, and make a plan to improve fitness for longevity.

Tuesday 10/3: Pelvic Floor Disorders and Treatments 7-8pm

Approximately 1 in 4 women are affected with a pelvic floor disorder such as
urinary or fecal incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, and pelvic pain. Come join a Physical Therapist from Hawaiian Rehab. Services, who specializes in Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation, Melissa Honeycutt DPT, to learn more about pelvic floor disorders and pelvic pain, PT treatments, and how to regain control back in your life! Contact for more information:

Wednesday 10/4: Thyroid and the Autoimmune System 7-8:30pm

Join us for a discussion on taking healing back all the way to the cellular level using a multi-therapeutic approach which involves much more than prescribing supplements based on testing. Using diet variation and ancient healing strategies and a new chelating agent called cytodetox we address issues with the thyroid and autoimmune system. We are interested in teaching our patients/clients more than just treating them. It takes many years for chronic illness to turn into a “disease” and it will take years - not months for people to really heal. So we start them off and then make sure they know how to continue. In this workshop we will specifically talk about the Thyroid and Autoimmune System. Join me, Dr. Jake Atchley to on October 4th to talk more.

Thursday 10/5: Fitness Numerology Assessment 6-7:30pm

Trunk Trainers is collaborating with Numerologist and author Tricia Gunberg to provide a unique opportunity for members of Trunk Trainers and their guests. In this free 90 minute workshop you get a introduction to numerology and you will discover

*Your 3 digit Life Path number
*Super powers, which can be applied to any part of your life
*Possible reasons you avoid exercise
*Guidance on what type of fitness suits you best

Seating is limited, please make your reservation.

Friday 10/6: Myths and Truths about Breast Cancer 5:30-7pm

We are not helpless in the face of breast cancer. There is a great deal we can do to reduce our chances of getting it. Understanding lifestyle factors, environmental factors and the unprecedented amounts of toxins we are exposed to is key to understanding and preventing breast cancer.

What you'll learn:

Early warning signs and symptoms
What you can do to reduce your chance of getting breast cancer
Key lifestyle factors that influence cancer
Nutritional principles to prevent breast cancer

Deborah Beaumont specializes in helping women recover from breast cancer. She is a two time cancer survivor who has struggled not only with cancer but the debilitating effects of cancer treatment. As an Integrative Advanced Practice Nurse and Functional Medicine Practitioner Deborah integrates her 30+ years of clinical nursing with her training in functional medicine, mind-body medicine and integrative cancer care to help clinicians and patients incorporate the best of clinical western medicine and what is considered more natural holistic care. She does not believe these areas of practice are mutually exclusive and works to develop treatment plans utilizing the best of both worlds.

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New Class Schedule

Updates have been made, and we are still finalizing the class schedule for fall. Check MINDBODYONLINE.COM for the most current schedule.

Childcare now included in 9am small group trainings!

Mondays 4:30pm Core and More

Wednesdays 9am and 4:30pm Core and More

Tues/Thurs 9am YOGA HIIT

Cost is $25+tax per session or 11pk for $250+tax

These are small, customized sessions and have a 6 person limit. Sign-up is required, with 24 hr notice needed to cancel a session.

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Drop-in childcare Tues/Wed/Thurs at 9am for moms who want to workout without worrying about their little ones is available.

$5+tax/30 min or $8+tax per hour per child.

Sign-up is required, 6 child limit per hour.

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